Thursday, February 6, 2014

Penn San Antonio Alumni Hold Ben's Birthday Bash, January 17, 2014

Again this year, we met at Youz Guyz South Philly Cheesesteaks to celebrate Ben Franklin's 306th Birthday.  Proprietors Kathy and Jimmy Delaurentis once again welcomed us with special selections from their menu, and offered us a delicious birthday cake as well.  Besides enjoying the cuisine and the company, we saluted two members who are celebrating their 90th birthdays:  John Ray marked his in December 2013, while Ed Keely reaches the milestone in February.  Club President Bob Weidman gave Penn Alumni ballcaps to both John and Ed.  We paired up into two teams for a short round of Quizzo, with enough prizes to cover both the winners and the runners-up.  (To protect the reputations of the players, scores of both teams will remain confidential.)  We served Ben's cake to our members, and shared it with the other restaurant customers and the kitchen staff.

Present for the celebration were: John Ray, Ed Keely, Jay Rossell and his wife Diane, Jo-Anne Kaplan and husband Mike Gershman, Rhonda Boyles, Ana Acevedo, Monica Flynn, and Bob Weidman. 

Here are some photo highlights:

Ben Stars on Youz Guyz' Philly Mural

Guidance for the Uninitiated

John Ray, South Philly mural behind him

Noshers Mike Gershman, Jo-Anne Kaplan, Ed Keely, Monica Flynn

Jo-Anne Kaplan, Mike Gershman, Ana Acevedo, Monica Flynn, Jay Rossell, Ed Keely, Diane Rossell, Bob Weidman. Seated:  Rhonda Boyles, John Ray

The Winning Quizzo Team

Youz Guyz Presented the Birthday Cake

Adios Till Next Year, Ben!