Thursday, August 15, 2013

June Luncheon at LIsa's Restaurant, July at Nicha's

PennSanAntonio's June and July Luncheon Updates

Hello All,

I'm posting this late--the June update was lost in draft status and I just today (Aug 15) found it again, so I added a report on July.

We held our June luncheon at Lisa's on Bandera at Woodlawn.  For most of us, this was a new place, and thanks go to Elaine Ayala for putting it on the itinerary.  Besides excellent Mexican fare (more Mexican than Tex-Mex), the restaurant offers a unique artistic experience:  The walls are adorned with the colorful artwork of San Antonio's own, original, Brother Cletus.  The restaurant is not far from the campus of Our Lady of the Lake, and Brother Cletus's studios are nearby.  If you don't already know about this artist, Google up his website, and also drop in at Lisa's.  The Penn diners this month were Elaine Ayala, Dave Young, Julianne LeGierse, John Ray, Toni Murgo, Iris Gonzalez, DaveYanez, and myself.

Elaine, ever inventive with our monthly schedule, promises to offer a breakfast outing soon, and she has other ideas as well.

July's meeting spot was Nicha's, on Roosevelt Blvd on the south side of town.  (Nicha is a nickname for Dionisia, one of the original owners.)  This is another bit of Puro San Antonio that everyone should check out.  It's across the street from the historic Mission Drive-In, the new and modern Mission Branch of the San Antonio Public Library, and just north of the San Antonio Missions National Park headquarters.  Sad to say, the only Penn lunchers that day were Elaine and myself!  That's a first and I hope last, but it did give us good opportunity to talk over ideas for future events.

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