Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ivy Plus Happy Hour at Aloft Hotel
Blanco Rd at Loop 410
Thursday, March 14, 5:30-8 P.M.

March's Ivy Plus event is sponsored by the Harvard Alumni Club.  Aloft Hotel,  a contemporary hotel concept, promises Happy Hour prices and a band, "Colao."  The bartender will attempt to create Ivy-themed drinks and will welcome suggestions.  For starters, to make you smile and whet your thirst, here are some ideas from our own April and Albert Dickson:

Penn-themed libations

a Locust Walk  (similar to a Grasshopper)

the Whartonite  (Goldschlager and Redbull)

Schuylkill Water (really dirty martini with lots of olives floating)

the Button (Chambord and Absinthe)

the Philomathean  (single-malt Scotch served over chilled marble from the Rosetta Stone)

the Gargoyle  (saltwater and olive oil)

Send me your own ideas, won't you?

And if you choose to make it an evening, there are several good dining options right in the neighborhood:  Dough Pizzeria, Picnickins, Ilsong Garden, Lion and Rose, Sawasdee Thai just to name a few.  

Hope to see you Aloft!

Bob Weidman

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