Saturday, March 23, 2013

Penn Alumni Rub Elbows with Cowboys Star, Politicos at Tommy Moore's

This item has been updated to correct the reason for John Ray's visit to Little Rock.  My apologies, John!

Our smallish group for the March luncheon found ourselves at the back of the room, where at the next table we saw former Cowboys star Emmitt Smith, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, and County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, among others.  When the politicians began to work the room, they recognized two of us--Elaine Ayala and Dave Young, and came over to grip and grin.

Also at our table were Julianne Legierse, who showed off her brand-new VW Cabriolet; Hank Hammer and visiting friend Glenda from Kansas City; and our World War II veteran John Ray, who is off to Little Rock as a donor to a fund, founded by Governor Beebe to help vets who are being encouraged to continue their education, learn a trade, and obtain assistance in finding jobs.  
I didn't take many photos this month, but here's one I'll call "Stars and Bars":  retired Brigadier General Young offers military and medical wisdom to 1st Lieutenant Legierse.

Have a good month, all!  I hope to see lots of you at Mariscos El Bucanero April 22, not to mention our special luncheon celebrating 100 years of Penn's Society of Alumnae, at The Bright Shawl on May 1.


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